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A home is where your heart is, but it is also where your financial strength lies. Gaining ownership of a house provides you with an added financial advantage.

The plot you own or the house/apartment you have for yourself – all/any of these can be further utilized for achieving higher financial gains, through our specially designed property mortgage loan.If you own a home of your own, you could mortgage the same to gain instant ready cash, which can further be used for fulfilling your immediate business financial needs like – business expansion, working capital, or a personal requirement for money, like arrange for your child’s offshore education expense, marriage etc.

Easyfinfra Loan Against Property empowers you by allowing you to use your existing residential asset for gaining capital power, without worrying about your property’s safety or security.These loans are a better option as compared to personal loans due to their comparatively lower rate of interest.

Additionally, unlike gold loans, where the gold ornaments are deposited with the bank and you do not get them back until the loan is paid in full, you can continue using the collateral property in a LAP while you are repaying the loan.

Any individual with a personally owned residential property can apply for this loan against property online . From a salaried individual to a self-employed proprietor, property loan is easy to apply for and flexible to repay as well.

Features of Loan against Property (Mortgage Loan)
  • In case of a loan against property, financial institutions offer higher loan amount for longer tenure and at attractive interest rates as compared to other loan plans.
  • Quick and hassle free process of Loan against property with speedy approvals
  • Residential and commercial properties are accepted as collateral to get loans against property.
  • Mortgage Loans are an excellent debt consolidation tool.
  • Calculate your Loan EMI
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